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Spirit & Truth Conference 2006
Available Now!


S&T 2006

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This series of 11 Services is a must have! The majority of the attendees agreed this was one of the most Spirit-led and blessed conferences they have ever attended in their entire lives. Even to the receiving of the offering, the Spirit of God directed every move of the conference and anointed every speaker. This series will inspire you and revive you with fresh insights into Spiritual Depth, Kingdom Principles, and Christian issues.


Each of these anointed services is available on audiotape, Audio Cd and DVD video. Save money when purchasing by ordering the complete sets. Choose the format that's best for you and place your order today to receive a copy of this power-packed series!

Don't forget the 2002-2005 Conferences as well -- CLICK HERE for 2005.







Rightly Dividing the Word of Bible Prophecy

By Larry T. Smith

This series is taught by Pastor Larry T. Smith, and features 18 hours of instruction. The titles included in this series are as follows:



1. The Coming of the Lord, The Last Days, and the End of the World - As Taught by Jesus and His Apostles
2. The True Israel of God (Parts 1 and 2)
3. Daniel's 70th Week
4. The Great Tribulation

5. The Real Babylon the Great
6. The Book of Revelation (Parts 1 and 2)
7. Identifying the Four Beasts and the Two Witnesses


These lessons are available on 9 audiotapes, 9 VHS tapes, or 9 DVD's. There is also a teacher's guide and student handouts offered for personal study or classroom settings.


After studying this material you will quickly see why so many people have said that these lessons have not only changed their prophetic views, but have also changed the way that they walk with God.


Living In The Blessings of the Covenant

By Larry T. Smith


Click on Cover for purchase.

The newest series taught by Pastor Larry T. Smith, featuring the titles as follows:


1. Breaking the Spirit of Poverty
2. Spiritual Keys to Receiving God's Blessings
3. Walking in Dominion and Authority
4. Walking in the Fruits of the Spirit
5. Eliminating Hindrances to Prayer


These lessons are available on 5 DVD's, 7 Audiotapes and 7 Audio CD's.

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You will not want to miss these exciting lessons that will loose the blessings of God on your life.









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